Asha Kiran – Send Children Back To The School In The Tribal Regions

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Sanga Mithra Development Association (SAMIDA)

Anakapalli, Andhra Pradesh
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SAMIDA is implementing the 26 Asha Kiran education centers in Ananthagiri Mandal of Alluri Seetharamaraju District and Ravikamatham Mandal Anakapalli district (Erstwhile Visakhapatnam District) with an intake of 1200 children who have been dropouts, never enrolled or are slow learners.


Why children between 7-14 years stay out of school?

Tribal tracts nearly half of the age of education children attending school but halfway through these kids are not able to match the learning pace standards or skills necessary to extend the education further or are not able to meet the competitive edges for employment or income generation.


Role of SAMIDA Centers

These kids are great asset and their role in our country depends on the quality of their learning and knowledge, skills and expertise they obtain. This is the basic rationale for maintaining these kinds of learning institutions exclusively targeting the laggards.

Notion of making the laggards to have a learning edge and to lead them towards lifelong quality of learning will be embedded in these centers

The SAMIDA centres are serving as a bridge to empower children to be able to smoothly transition to regular school. Simultaneously, training of teachers will be undertaken to support children in studies.

Enabling ecosystem is developed which comprises of school premises, pedagogy that transitions from rote learning to conceptual methods that can keep both teachers and students engaged and engrossed among others.

Teachers are key in ensuring that students get the requisite lessons that keep their minds ignited for seeking knowledge. Students' likes and dislikes for attending classes, or interests in a particular subject, can be linked to their teacher quality of teaching.

The challenge of improving quality of teaching is addressed by training teachers and supporting them with methodologies and community ownership, so that teachers take pride in their job. This will also encourage more people to take up teaching as a vocation, thus assisting in solving the non-occupied to the trained issues


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